Community Manager: Is this You?

We are seeking an exceptional relationship-oriented project driver to support the General Partners of the fund.

You have a real passion and interest in improving the state of the world combined with an ambitious, growth mindset and the highest expectations of yourself. You love to take full accountability, are extremely organised, not afraid to chase people up for what they promised to deliver and manage timelines.

You are a creative researcher and put together concise, insightful and well written snapshots of what you’ve found. You are inspired by the idea of creating a ‘family of families’ from around the world to help catalyse the most transformative ideas of our generation.

You will love helping to create unique experiences through the community gatherings and content we produce for our families.

Things You Will Be Great At: 

  1. Obsessive attention to detail in every possible way - formatting, consistency, time management, document presentation, capturing insights, nuances and research links. 

  2. Momentum and Accountability - taking ownership to keep things moving to plan; acting like the team ‘whip’ to support and drive others to deliver on their commitments; follow-up with multiple stakeholders to ensure we all move forward together and keep momentum

  3. Strong, creative, research skills - knowing how to find out the hard-to-find, connecting seemingly unrelated dots and ideas; understanding what motivates and interests people; picking out clues as to what will resonate to build active relationships. 

  4. Excellent analytical writing - ability to condense large swathes of information to extract what is key, relevant, insightful and actionable to very brief dashboards/dossiers

  5. Relationship building, networking - finding all manner of ways to learn about people and connect and build a sense of community. Importantly, this will require full comfort in building and maintaining relationships virtually around the world. 

  6. Willingness to serve - ability to shift from the smallest task to overseeing an overall workstream or project to enable the GP team to achieve what we need to achieve and to serve and support our families