A global community of amazing people to help us move the world towards a sustainable future.


As an entity that is focused on investing in new ventures that seek to make a measurable, positive impact on the world, we also have been reflecting on how we understand and measure our own impact.

We hope our influence on the community and the role of the community on itself, extends far beyond financial investment and into the way people lead their lives.

01 -
Influencing the way we see the world from how we consume to how we invest.
02 -
Turning subconscious choices as consumers, as business people and as family members, into conscious, active decisions.
03 -
Living our individual best self, challenging and building our own character towards fulfilling the calling and personal purpose each of us has to bring to the world.
Helping our families align themselves, their purpose and values with all available vehicles to effect change in the world.
Global Gatherings

Aera hosts gatherings around the world bringing our network of amazing and influential families, thought leaders together to share ideas and resources to improve the world. Previous events have included Richard Branson and Muhammad Yunus.

Wiser Conversations

Derek Handley hosts a regular online podcast series – ‘Wiser Conversations’, aimed at helping our community explore the depth of purpose and meaning in their lives. Guest speakers range from iconic spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to the activist Naomi Klein.


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