One day,
there will be
a sustainable
future for all
Aera VC invests at the frontier of deep technology and sustainability to accelerate the world to a better future.
Those who create breakthrough ideas the fastest will generate new markets, exponential financial returns and a better future for us all. Aera VC will be right behind them.
01 —
Climate solutions for radical progress towards a sustainable planet. Transformational technologies to reverse climate change.
02 —
Frontier breakthroughs to advance humanity. Including special opportunities at the outer edge of what is possible to advance humanity.
Solutions we're backing
How do we reduce the carbon footprint of some of the world’s heaviest emitters?
Twelve recycles CO₂ into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels.
Solutions we're backing
1 litre of milk uses 1000 litres of water, how do we make dairy products more sustainable?
Eclipse plant-based ice cream.
Solutions we're backing
Why are we using nasty fossil fuels and dangerous processes to create chemicals, when nature can create its own?
Solugen transforms chemicals by using plants.
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