Investing today for a better
World tomorrow.


Aera VC is an early-growth fund investing in deep tech ventures that accelerate the world towards a sustainable future.
We believe sustainability is the largest investment opportunity of our life time. We have been generating outstanding financial returns since 2016 while investing in the pursuit of a better world.
The companies we have backed are the best illustration of what we invest in, aspire to and can achieve. We are excited that these companies are only just getting started and we have already established a truly global footprint. 70% of Aera Portfolio companies are co-founded by women or those from minority backgrounds.
How we invest
01 —
Will this idea transform the status quo towards a fundamentally better outcome for society and our planet?
02 —
Are these outstanding founders striving to be the best in the world and the best for the world?
03 —
Will this industry look radically different if this product, service or business model succeeds?
Our beginnings

Aera VC was incubated by the Aera Foundation, which was established by Aera VC’s co-founder Derek Handley and his wife Maya. The Foundation is a registered charity that invests in imaginative ways to improve the state of our people and planet.

The Foundation’s genesis was to incubate an initiative with transformative positive potential that could also generate long-term financial benefit. The Foundation is a key stakeholder in Aera VC.

Aera is the Latin root of the word era: of our time. Maya and Derek chose this name to work on endeavours representative of the change needed for our generation. We are here to build towards this change for the long term, fundamentally shifting the world’s axis towards a sustainable future and a new era. Our logo expresses the world under protection yet with direction upwards, forwards, into the beyond.